About us

Deliverance Church was established on 28th October 2007 in a small hotel room, with just two members.
Deliverance Church is open to all irrespective of caste, religion, creed, colour, race or language. People from all walks of life come and worship the Lord.
Jesus Christ is the Head of the Church. It was started by Rev.Dr.A.Joshua according to the clear vision and leading of the Lord Jesus Christ. We are based now in Thillainagar, Trichy.
We motivate and guide the people to worship the Lord meaningfully. We also encourage our people to participate in all the church activities. We conduct Sunday Services, Sunday Class for Children, Men, Women and Youth Fellowships. The Church also has Parakletos Counseling Center for helping people in need of Personal and Family Counseling.

Rev.Dr.A.Joshua, the founder pastor of Deliverance Church was born in a devout family. His parents and grand-parents reared him in true Christian moral standards. His father served as an ordained Presbyter in the CSI Tirunelveli Diocese and his mother is a very prayerful, godly woman. Having finished his schooling in Thoothukudi District, he went on to complete his under graduation, post-graduation and M.Phil in Palayamkottai.
With a passion to become a professor of zoology, he took all steps to join Ph.D. in the same subject. In the year 1996, when he was striving in that direction, he fell sick. Three weeks passed. There was no sign of any healing whatsoever. The best doctors in the city could not diagnose his ailment. In this condition, he was admitted in the hospital. It was during this time, that the Lord spoke to him calling him for ministry. The first sign of the call was divine and instant healing from three weeks of serious sickness.
Considering himself unworthy, Rev.Dr. A. Joshua was hesitant. He said, “Lord I will work as a professor and give you as much as I can. I will do a part-time ministry. Please allow me to finish my doctorate.” The Lord’s voice was very plain and very audible too. He said no and commanded him to commit to full-time ministry. After much prayer, the Lord confirmed His pastoral call to His servant with many signs leading him to obey wholeheartedly.
He did his Theological studies – B.D. (Bachelor of Divinity) in the Union Biblical Seminary (Serampore University), Pune. Subsequently, he became an ordained Presbyter in the C.S.I. Tirunelveli Diocese. The Lord also enabled him to receive his Doctor of Divinity and Ph.D. in Christian Leadership.
In the year 2001, Rev.Dr.A.Joshua married Dr. Jane Joshua, an evangelist. After serving the CSI Tirunelveli Diocese a few years, they were doing the Lord’s ministry as a family through the “Ministry of Jesus”. In continuation with His pastoral call, quite unexpectedly in March 2005, the word “Deliverance” flashed before his eyes. This was the seed. The pastor started to pray on this word and the Lord confirmed His plan on several occasions. First, He said, “You will start a church, not now, but very soon.” Then the plans were given one at a time. The name, the logo, the Biblical verses on which the church has to be founded, everything was literally given by the Lord.
The seed grew and the Deliverance church was started on October 28th, 2007 in God’s appropriate time. He, who started it, is making it grow. And as He said, this church is serving as a beacon of light to the unreached people who do not know Jesus at all and who are in dire need of deliverance.

Dr. Jane Joshua, the Pastor’s wife is also a full-time servant of God. An excellent student, she desired to become a medical doctor. But the Lord called her for His Kingdom work and from then on, there has been no turning back. A gold medallist in Business administration, she also holds a doctorate in Human Resource Management. She is a powerful speaker and evangelist speaking words of comfort to the broken souls. Dr.Jane, Pastor Joshua, and their son also serve alongside her parents Dr. Ananda Stira and Mrs. Margret Stira in the Ministry of Jesus.
Jonathan Moses Raj Stira is the only son of Pastor Joshua and Jane. He is a living miracle. Born as a blue baby, he was miraculously given life by the Lord and healed from all complications. Having committed himself for Kingdom service, he is now a wonderful young college student who is also a good singer, talented musician, dancer, and a Spirit-filled worship leader.
The pastor and his family serve dedicatedly in His kingdom with a burning zeal to bring the lost souls to Heaven.